With hundreds of web hosting service providers available it is hard to choose the right one! Read this article and discover the best web hosting companies of 2017!

With hundreds of web hosting service providers offering different hosting plans and features, it has become pretty complicated to pick the right one and find a balance between performance, price, and support. In this article, we are going to present you a selection of the best web hosting companies for hosting blogs, web pages, websites, galleries, forums, e-commerce websites, CMS pages, and etc.

  1. iPage: This is one of the best and most popular web hosting companies you can use. At iPage, there is a team who is completely dedicated to offering positive customer experience and impeccable support. Every month, they offer something new to make it simpler for the users to use their services. With iPage you get a free domain (1 year), unlimited disk space and unlimited transfer. The price is $1.99 per month.
  2. A2 Hosting: Another great hosting company you can use to host your web page, website or blog. The reason why this company is so popular is because they don’t overload the servers like other companies or service providers do. They offer great technical options to meet your specific needs including choice of PHP version, choice of a datacenter, and MariaDB support. With A2 hosting you get unlimited disk space and unlimited transfer. The price is $3.92 per month.
  1. HostGator: There are 3 million domains that rely on this web hosting service provider, so why shouldn’t you? There is no overage fees, no extra costs, unlimited disk space on all shared hosting plans. The hosting plans start from $4.95 per month. With HostGator, you get unlimited disk space, unlimited transfer, and free setup. This hosting service provider is a great option for beginners who are starting a new website. HostGator can offer you more than 4000 design templates and a site builder that will help you build your own website for free.
  2. HostMetro: This hosting service provider is all about offering high-quality service and support. Their goal is to make it easy to create, affordable, manage, design, and maintain your website or blog and your hosting account. HostMetro offers great tools that can help you build and maintain your own website. Also, they have a technical support team of qualified individuals who meet the high standard and utmost quality they have for all of their employees and staff members. With HostMetro you get maximum disk space and maximum transfer. The price for web hosting is $2.22 per month.
  1. InMotion Hosting: If you think your website deserves the best treatment, choose inMotion Hosting. They will offer you all the features and tools you need with enterprise hardware, technical support, and corporate commitment to quality. Besides, they have experienced and certified technicians who will help you every step of the way. With InMotion you get unlimited disk space and unlimited transfer. The price for hosting is $2.95 per month.

These are the 5 best hosting service providers you can use to host your website, ecommerce site, blog, and etc. They are on this list based on their popularity, reputation, speed, the features they offer, reliability and uptime, and support. The price is also an important factor, especially if you are a beginner with a limited budget.
Besides these five companies, you can also check BlueHost, JustHost, WebHostingHub, FatCow, and GreenGeeks. It is important to pick the right hosting service provider, so choose wisely and make the right decision. Good luck!

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