If you want your business to get online visibility, buying a domain name is the way to go. A domain name will ensure you get an internet address for clients to locate you, as well as build your business site. There are many domain registrars selling domain names at affordable prices. Your part is to purchase the name, but before doing so, you need to run a background check on the domain name. Some domain names have tarnished reputations that will leave you regretting ever owning an online business.

A good domain name can attract the right clients to your website, so pick your name carefully as it will be your brand for at least a year. Also, you should know that domain name registrations are good for a year after which you will need to renew the registration or risk losing your domain name.

Benefits of domain name registration to your online business

  • Your domain name can raise awareness on your business brand.

Domain names are the first thing clients see when they are surfing the internet for your company. If the name matches your company, it gives your clients an easy time to find you. And when the name gives a clear suggestion of what your business entails, potential clients looking for specific information online will be able to be re-directed to your website.

  • Increases your mobility

Given the event you want to move web hosts or desire to switch servers, a domain name increases your chances of moving without getting a new domain name. It would be stressful to have to start over as a result of losing clients and their details.

  • It shows you are digitally revolutionized

A domain name shows you are someone in tune with the digital revolution. Clients are always looking for people with the latest updates and information to educate them. Most clients identify with someone who moves with the current trends.

  • Increases business credibility

A good domain name will show clients you are someone ready to spend money on the best to be the best. As a result, they will take you seriously and want to partner with you.


A domain name is not just a technical bit that hooks you to your website as it says more about your business brand and quality. It is evident that something many would consider as a non-issue like picking the right domain name is the very thing that would make you increase or decrease your client base.


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